>Life before Seinfield …. Einstein Haus, Bern

>K was very keen on checking out Einstein’s house at Bern. After winding roads, helpful locals excited to know we were from Mumbai, trying to decipher maps, cobbled paths, parliaments, clock towers and waffle stalls we finally reached Einstein Haus. The house where Einstein said he came up with the idea of the Theory of Relativity.

We had never been to a house of a genius AND a Nobel prize winner before. Correction, we had made a trip to Rabindranath Tagore’s Shanti Niketan University but that was a blink and you miss it trip with no good labelling, a problem with most Indian museums.

It was a high to write on the same writing stand that Einstein used. And the copywriter didn’t waste the opportunity. We went his parlour. Though I was a bit disappointed that the Einstein’s weren’t there to receive us.

We enjoyed reading some of the writings over there which gave an insight into his life from both his and his first wife’s perspective. Which is when K began to tell me about the rumour that it was actually the Missus who had though of the Theory of R!!!!! Women I tell you.

I loved his self deprecating humour (hence the Seinfield reference). And particularly the time when he said that he would have been a plumber if he could start his life again … and a plumber in the U S who offered him a job on hearing that.



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5 responses to “>Life before Seinfield …. Einstein Haus, Bern

  1. >Wow! Too good Kalyan! Much thanks for this virtual trip … that's a great idea … clicking the quotes and sharing! 🙂

  2. >You gave US an insight into Einstein's mind & life thru' pictures of his quotes. He was known to be a witty man, but I think even the American plumber who offered him a job had quite a sense of humor! It must have been such an experience to be walking around the house that Einstein lived in!!

  3. >Sharmila, Scarlett … this was one case where I had to had over the reigns of the blog to my elders and betters. Reading those quotes were really something.I remember dropping into Netaji's house after luch at Kewpies a couple of years back in Calcutta. Just doesn't grip you. So much more couldn've been done

  4. k

    >Not only was a gifted scientist but he had a natural perm!

  5. >K, hope he shared credit with his wife for the perm too 🙂

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