>Anniversaries and beginnings


Sitting here in muggy Mumbai it’s hard to imagine that we were in Turkey a year back. We landed at Cappadoccia same day last year. We were in the amazing Museum Hotel, cave room with its own jacuzzi, Kainaz’s gift to me for our anniversary. Wrote about it in The Mumbai Mirror. Here’s the link to the article which came out recently.

And it’s such a coincidence that I got my first ever cheque for writing today. A year after the day we landed at Cappadoccia. K has suggested that I keep it rather than encash it. I am in two minds. No amount is too small after all.

What would you do?



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6 responses to “>Anniversaries and beginnings

  1. >Errr.. Make a color copy, frame/laminate it and cash the check! Best of both worlds, really. 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. >Hey thanks Rhea, I was thinking in those lines actuall. Cash your cheque and frame it too 🙂

  3. >Congrats! Kollan way to go…Madhumita

  4. >Copy / photograph – laminate – encash!!! For sure!!! 🙂

  5. >Encash for sure! And you can use the money towards buying an Anniversary gift for Kainaz! Or a nice gift for yourself if you're feeling selfish 😉 Nothing wrong in being a little self-indulgent, is there?

  6. >Thanks MadhumitaMoonshine, Scarlett, encash it is… I am quite self indulgent

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