>A trip to grandma’s for the the summer hols … Literati Bookshop and Cafe, North Goa


Some of our friends had told us about a place called Literati near Baga at North Goa. We were told that it was a cafe and a bookshop.

K and I went to the beach on our second day at Goa. I was carrying a stomach bug. Couldn’t take the sun. So we decided to check out Literati the next day and have breakfast there.

I must confess that I was a bit underwhelmed when we reached there. We had the image of a Lila Cafe sort of place in our heads. What we saw was a pretty house in a lovely garden. Three rooms of books and a veranda which looked on to the garden. The ‘cafe’ part seemed limited. Creatures of urban comfort that we are, we missed our cappuccinos or having straws to sip the nice cold coffee on offer. The ‘cheese sandwich’ was just as your granny would make it. Cheese in two slices of bread, toasted in a griller. The food tasted tasted and smelt of the summer vacation trips to one’s grandparents place.

As you have probably realised by now, Literati was a fairly rustic and simple operation. There were Irani cafe- like rules. ‘No taking food inside.’ ‘No taking books outside’. ‘No taking first hand books into the second hand section.’
So you had to sit quietly in the veranda and look into the green Eden like garden as you munched on the sandwich that granny made. ‘Eden-like garden’? Was the place growing on us? Read on to find out more.

Fuelled by coffee and cheese we set off to check out the books. My first discovery was the ‘Lost Diary Of Adrian Mole’. This set the tone for the rest of the morning. For Literati was not an assembly line of CD cum books cum mags cum fridge magnet cum Barbie shop. Literati represents the last of a rare, fast breed called ‘bookshops’. They had the usual Pamuks, Harukamis and Balduccis. But if you looked around you would find books popping out and calling out to you. Books which would met your interests. Or of those whom you were fond of. There is nothing like the joy of discovering the perfect book when you least expect it.

The first room had the new/ first hand books. Then there are two more rooms which have second hand books. There are comfy sofas to sink in. Well worn. Ceiling fans to cool you. The mood is balmy and lazy thanks to the trees outside. The staff are very sweet and helpful. Don’t expect any supermarket speed and efficiencies though.

To take the grandma metaphor further, the place did remind me of my visits to my grandparent’s house when I was a kid. And the joys of discovering great books in my grandpa’s collection. Literati is not a steel and chrome air conditioned functional shop. You should go there if you want to unwind, laze, step off from the treadmill and discover some great books. The place invites you to walk around, feel at home and takeaway memories. Don’t go there if you want to pick a book on the go.

I suddenly heard Bengali being spoken while I was roaming around the shop. To be expected in a book shop I guess. They turned out to be a Bengali father and daughter couple. A Bengali lady called Mita, who had married a Dutch gentleman and had settled in Goa, and her father Mr Das who had come from Delhi. So we ended up having a Bengali association meet in the heart of Goa! Like my grandpa, Mr Das too felt that I should have joined the IAS!

Literati left us underwhelmed. And then overwhelmed. It grew on us. As K put it, it was the discovery of the trip. I can’t tell you how good it felt be in a ‘real’ bookshop after ages. And in such an awesome setting. Looked after by such good natured people. Literati has shot up our ‘must visit’ list at Goa.
We picked loads of books for ourselves and our friends. Just about manged to dodge the excess budget limits.
For me the high point was meeting my old friend Aidy Mole again. And what better time for that than on my birthday trip? Hang on Aidy, the world will hear of your Newt Tales someday.

  • Literati is at a place called Ice Factory near Calangute at North Goa. Here’s their web site for more details
  • They are shut on Sunday
  • The shop closes at 6 PM
  • The kitchen shuts at 2.30 PM. Because “she (the cook I assume) leaves”
  • They don’t serve aerated soft drinks. But they serve wine and beer. That’s Goa
  • If you see a lab who looks like Marley then you are likely to have met Frieda. Do say hi to her from me. Poor thing had to be dragged away as K squealed in fright when Frieda scampered in


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10 responses to “>A trip to grandma’s for the the summer hols … Literati Bookshop and Cafe, North Goa

  1. >Looks like such a nice place… a great way to spend your entire morning.. discovering the books yet… yes, thats what i felt when i went to Blossoms… a quaint old bookshop which has everything in the world… i can spend a whole day there!!!!

  2. k

    >the place is so granny-like that we were asked to check on the character of the matronly manager's prospective son-in-law who worked in the big bad bombay.

  3. >Hey Moonshine, Blossom sounds lovely. Bangalore?K, I am missing Frieda

  4. >a big thanks! my next vacation has a place to go!

  5. >Bangalore.. a gem of a place that we discovered only recently.

  6. >Its a cool place …. i wish i could spend a week end here …

  7. >Awesome pics! 🙂 I liked the first one the most. :)Nice to know about it. 🙂 Seems interesting place to visit. 🙂

  8. >@Zorba: Goa is my fav vacation place. Now one more reason for that@Moonshine: Bangalore seems quite quaint and interesting@Nile: hope this comes true for you soon@Chandrika: thanks

  9. >that sounds so very interesting!

  10. >amazing place and view. I really want to go there – its great. Your photos and articles are very good but for me its difficult to found. Mayby you will put your ideas to ore international site like http://www.lifebeyondtourism.com/. Try it. It be easier to found:)

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