>Happy Holi … the colours of food

>Wish you the reddest of wine, whitest of roshogolla, greenest of grapes, blue’st of cheese, yellowest of butter scotch, darkest of chocolate and the pinkest of health



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8 responses to “>Happy Holi … the colours of food

  1. >That's a colors blast.

  2. >lovely colourful photos. You just made my mouth water hehehHappy Holi to you too..

  3. >That's beeyootiful! These pictures definitely made Holi much more colourful and yummy for me! Any holi food posts on their way? 🙂

  4. >What a tastebud-tantalising trip down memory lane! :)Happy Holi to you too!

  5. >Happy Holi! Lovely colors of food!

  6. >Hey thanks Sudeshna, Lazy Pineapple (love the name), Onekhaone, Supernova and SomooOnekhaone…haven't celebrated Holi in ight years. last was during my PG days when i was invited to stay over night by a lovely couple. Not sure if lots of beer and homecooked food qualifies as Holi Food though

  7. >happy..holi!! such beautiful pictures of food…

  8. >A mouthwatering tribute to the festival of colors… love the pix

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