>Finely Chopped on DNA

>Check out this article on Food Bloggers which come out on DNA. Coincidentally this came out on a morning when my mom told me not to stay up late at night and blog. As she said, “you will never be too old for me”. Which is fine but then could I do without the greying side whiskers please?

Rushina of A Perfect Bite and Kirti of Feastguru.com and I were together for lunch the previous day itself. A coincidence again
I guess that has been the best part of blogging for me. The friends that I have made through it.

The article mentions that the blog was started by Kainaz and a friend. Turns out that I gave the wrong information. The ‘friend’ had showed what has to be done while K was the one who actually opened it. She, of course, was the one who named it ‘Finely Chopped’.

Here’s the link to the full article.



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4 responses to “>Finely Chopped on DNA

  1. >Thanks for putting it up here, Kalyan! Good that Kainaz finally got the credit due to her! 🙂 I still wish I could have featured Kirti, but didn't hear from him at all.MP

  2. >Pleasure's entirely mine Mahithi.I guess Kirti deserves a whole page to himself 🙂

  3. >so now u are an armed policeman….armed with the knife :)congratulations! saw it in the morning papers!are those all your pictures? i recognise the sausages which had lemongrass,no?

  4. >Thanks Happy Fork. One of my grandfathers was a policeman. Runs in my blood.Sausages, pork hakka noodles and rols are my pictures

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