>Oui Oui Oui… The macarons of Le 15 Patisserie, Mumbai


For months I would look at the computer screen. Transfixed. Held in a spell by the amazing pictures from the Le 15 Patisserie pantry.

Their obsession with macaroons puzzled me. Memories of excessively sweets, chewy, coconut- laden pebbles, the macaroons of Irani Cafes and Camy Wafers haunted me. The bright colours of the macaroons of Le 15 Patisserie puzzled me. Reminded me of the plate of  cookies that I had pounced upon as a hungry bachelor at The Ramada, Juhu. It’s close to thirteen years now but that disappointment is hard to forget.

I finally came across the Le Patisserie macarons last night. Dinner done, I left my reservations behind and firmly grasped a pink one. Bit into it. The macaron just collapsed in my mouth as a stream of chocolate sensuously swirled through my mouth. These macarons are the reason why food is occasionally called orgasmic.

The petite Puja Dhingra  (in the black jacket) explained to me that these were French Macaroons. The macaroons that I often hid from earlier were Italian.

Well, Puja, who runs Le 15 Patisserie is a Le Cordon Bleu  trained pastry chef after all.

We met at a dinner hosted by Rushina of A Perfect Bite for the launch of Yashbir Sharma’s travelogue, ‘The Food Trail of India’



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5 responses to “>Oui Oui Oui… The macarons of Le 15 Patisserie, Mumbai

  1. >Im kicking myself for not trying the pink one. What flavor was it. Yum yum yum!

  2. >the colored Macaroons looks tempting!!

  3. >these are plain torture nothing else .. im sitting here in my office, not having the time to visit this place.. (heard loads of snippets about it since past many days) and salivating.. and there you go and detail it for us readers !…

  4. >@Curryspice: Rose with chocolate I think@Nonchalantgourmand … apologies 🙂

  5. >These are macarons, not macaroons. As popularly known, ie.

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