>Cafe Mangii Revisited and vetted

>People whom I trust reminded me of Cafe Mangii when I attempted a list of my favourite restaurants sometime back.

I’d been to Mangii once before. Quite liked it. Went back again recently after a failed attempt to go to the recently open and heavily crowded Sancho’s. Here’s a quick sum up of what I found.

I had a sangria which seemed pretty good to me. Didn’t have a benchmark though. The pizzas sucked. We ordered pepperoni one and a goat cheese one. Bases of both were too crisp. Wood fire oven be damned. Prego, at Westin, beats Mangii hollow when it comes to wood fired oven pizzas.

The main courses, however, were stellar. Rack of lamb…very juicy, sauce bringing the meat to the forefront. I ordered a spaghetti aglio olio with squids, out of the menu. Wonderfully tossed, very well seasoned, the squids so fresh that a bit more olive oil and they would have started swimming on the plate. Restaurant pastas rarely satisfy me. This one delighted me. Had a bite from a three cheese pasta from across the table. Yes, this place is a winner. Barring the pizzas.

The place was a bit dark for non flash photography. The Jyotika of Follow My Recipe helped as she fired her bazooka of a camera and lit up my shots.

Sangria to set the Knife rolling
Disastrous pizzas
Lamb with loads of character
A very well tossed spaghetti aglio olio with squids
Jyotika lighting up the food for my shots

Three cheese pasta…harmony in food



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4 responses to “>Cafe Mangii Revisited and vetted

  1. >this post warms up m heart.

  2. >Hi Kalyan, I am not able to keep pace with your posts 🙂 you are so consistent and you outdo yourself evertime.. I wish I had your spirit in blogging…yeah I know too many wishes for Santa to handle ?? well have a Merry christamas .. looking forward to your mothers blog/ posts

  3. >hey believe it or not- I do not have a single nice pic from this evening…

  4. >@Curry Spice…that's because you had a more importat job of spreading the light@Sould Speaks, Merry Christmas to you too,. I am sure there are much better things to wish for 🙂

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