>A typical evening with Dr Mirinda


You are unlikely to see pictures of their Bollywood clients when you go to a plastic surgeon’s clinic.

But go to Dr Margaret Miranda’s clinic and you will find the Finely Chopped visiting cards boldly placed below the glass on her table. Three of them. Here’s one.

No, she is not a plastic surgeon. She is our family doctor. She and I once spent hours chatting on food while K coughed away at the patient”s chair

I went in yesterday looking ‘quite gone’ according to the Doctor. Went out smiling and perky with a box of Christmas sweets made by the good doctor herself. The nan khatais ‘unique’ according to her. Christmas cakes whose recipe “I share unlike other East Indian women”.

The doctor’s chirpy daughter came in while I was there. Her mom gave her a baby cough syrup so that ‘the baby’ could study for her MD exams. She saw me and called her brother in. The inspired young man had chopped the chiang mai sausage that I gave them, and used them as a filling for roast chicken. He was really excited by the pickled green chillies in it. They still can’t stop talking of the sausages.

Something that caught curry Spice’s fancy too. 
I first heard about the sausage story during my last visit to Dr M. I had come to her with a cold. It was past 8 PM. Her Cinderella time. There was a lady sitting outside, nauseous from something she ate.

Doc was checking my pulse when I heard a voice from across the window. “Oh were you the one who got the sausages?” And then her daughter came in. Taking a break in her MD exam preparations as she bounced up and down to joyous memories of the Chiang Mai sausages and how her brother had cooked them.

Yesterday a debated raged between mother, daughter and son on how to cook the duck they had bought. Son, who is training to be a chef wanted to do something innovative. Mother put her foot down. “I have paid for it. I am cooking it the traditional way.” All this while father waited outside patiently as they had a dinner to go to.

But like I said, not before she packed the sweets she had made. She said that I should have home cooked food and therefore she would give only sweets made personally by her. Showed me the Christmas crib. The dolls were done by her late father.

A hug, advise to sleep, eat bland food, watch my weight and I was off.

 Well this is my doctor Miranda. The one who had shared her pork spare ribs recipe with me the first time I went to her with a bad stomach.

“I am not in a presentable state”

I plan to cook my way out of the blues tomorrow. Microwaved Oriental pork spare ribs, Thai green curry as learnt at the cooking school at Chiang Mai and feta and mushroom cous cous salad on the cards. Hope it works out.

Nan khatais that re unique, cake recipe that she doesn’t mind sharing, all made by the good doctor herself


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8 responses to “>A typical evening with Dr Mirinda

  1. >Any place that has such a warm and loving person as a doc must be only for lucky guys like you. :-)Get well soon Kalyan and have a gastronomic 31st and a wonderful New year !! πŸ™‚

  2. >True. Really feel lucky Sharmila. Specially to have you back πŸ™‚

  3. >very nice ..such a nice n humble Doc..half of the problems vanish when you have good doctors like that..happy New year…2011

  4. >Knife you are so lucky to find the right people. I think you have a lucky charm or something which draws happy cheerful people to you.Continue to spread gladness in the air like u always do. :)And tell the doc that box of goodies looks yummy.

  5. >Thanks Harman, Pinku…yes i am indeed lucky and the old addage of 'count your blessings' is a good one to rememberWish you both and the folks at home a great 2011

  6. >Hey Kalyan,Wish you and K a very lovely and healthy 2011!You are a very lucky guy indeed to have such a warm and giving doctor. Even so may you never have to see her (in the clinic) again.I love your blog and thought I should send my greetings your way. I am from Bombay currently living in california. I never had the oppurtunity to do much eating out while there and now live viacriously through your blog.Shobita Kudtarkar

  7. >Shobita,Thank you so much for writing in. I could a gmail notification of your comment on the phone close to midnight. Made me feel really good. This made it all so worth it :)Wish you a great new year

  8. >What a sweet doctor. I'm getting her no. from you if I ever move back to Bombay πŸ™‚

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