A busy evening at Bandra. Moshe’s

I was all set to toss-up a rather piquant pasta for K today with the spaghetti that Ranjit gave me, Sassy Fork’s smoked Gouda and the mild hard award-winning goat cheese that Maunika gave me. I’d picked up a rather sharp Hungarian salami made in Holland (!)  from Sante to liven up things. Which is when K suggested going out for dinner as I was leaving the next day. The idea of having someone cook for me and someone serve me in a nice place seemed quite tempting and I agreed.

But what’s with people these days? It was 10.30 PM on a Thursday and Out of The Blue was full. As was Sancho’s. We checked out Mangi’s and it seemed to have shut down. K suggested Salt Water cafe which is when I thought of Moshe’s. K called and we luckily got a table. The restaurant turned out to be half full and close to closing time.

I’d wanted a sugary ice tea and the black currant ice teas worked for us. The Mezze platter was outstanding. the baba ganoush, the taboule (the hing curd thing, hope its the right spelling), the hummus and a goat cheese and spinach mezze tickled our fancy and made us forget the hovering mosquitoes and the friendly but blundering and inept waiters. They charge 8 % service charge for the latter and K added a bit more to that.

We ordered a greek beef stew which the waiter initially told us was not available. Looked and tasted like Kosha Mangsho. They served this with some of my favourite olive focaccia here when we requested for bread. They’d given us some extra pita too and I need to heck with K whether they charged for this.

I skipped their legendary baked cheese cake and went for the ‘chocolate puddle’. It flopped on your plate like a like a peaceful, sleeping baby and was the perfect send off before I headed to the other side.

I am off to Australia now for a rather a schizophrenic trip of conference paper presentations and food and travel discoveries. Melbourne, Perth, Sydney … sounds like a cricket series to me.

PS Still not sure of WP and might go back to blogger


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4 responses to “A busy evening at Bandra. Moshe’s

  1. Kunal

    Hi Kalyan,
    I’m a big fan of your blog and being an ex Bombayite I relate to your blog extremely well. I’m glad to know that you are coming to Australia. I’m based in Melbourne,would be great to catch up with you if you have any spare time.
    Kind regards,

  2. Bhavna

    Hi Kalyan,

    I am a regular reader of your blog and love your recipes…Me and my husband would love to have you over when you come to Perth 🙂 Although I am not a very good cook. Email me and we will get in touch.

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