>Steaks at Colaba


Hi Kalyan,

This is S… have been reading your blog for the past one and a half years, signing off comments as esskay.

Needed your take on where to get the best beef steak for dinner in Colaba? My friends and me don’t mind the quaint old settings but was wondering if New Martin’s corner will be open for dinner or no. Since, the steak on your blog from there looked scrumptious…

Or, should we stick to Mondy’s? Leopold will be very crowded, I guess. What about Cafe Churchill. Neither of us have actually tried these places out so we don’t have any reference to fall back on.
Please do help …
Well I love the steaks at Martins. Partly for the fried onions. Deep fried meat. How wrong can you go with that? They are open at night though chances of getting steaks post 8.45 pm is a bit less.

The food at Leopolds is very iffy.

If steak is your thing then Mondys is a very very good bet. I was taken there by a Mondys steak lover. Turned out that the young lady new her meat.

Churchill is a lovely old school conti place. We are fans of the sausage in firecracker sauce and prawn Newberg pasta. But everything we have had there has been good



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4 responses to “>Steaks at Colaba

  1. >Paradise, near Colaba market, also makes an awesome steak as does Cafe Royal near Regal cinema. If you're a beef lover you can also try Ling's Pavillion for some truly delicious beef starters and main courses.

  2. >I must add that the food at Churchill is really continental, in the sense that many people might find it bland, especially compared to Martins…

  3. >Is the meat actually deep fried rather than grilled????

  4. >:D Yes, like already said, Mondy's turned out to be a good bet.Rhea mentions Ling's, I guess one should stick to ordering pork and beef there. We had chicken wantons among other things which were very dry and not so good…so that dinner was actually just about ok…And, next time I will address queries to 'Dear Uncle Knife' for sure :DEsskay

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